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Commission rebates.

When you buy a home with Fifth Broker, you can earn a rebate worth thousands of dollars. Here is how it works: Fifth Broker charges a base fee of 0.5% plus a performance bonus of 15% of any concessions or price reduction we negotiate on your behalf. When a seller pays us a commission more than what we charge, the difference comes back to you. Fifth Broker fees never exceed 2.0%, so when we receive a 3% commission from the seller, you receive a rebate of not less than 1.0% of the sales price.

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Fifth Broker 1 Year MoneyBack Guarantee

Fifth Broker first-year buyer warranty

To help protect your investment, when you buy a home with Fifth Broker and, for any reason, need to sell your home within one year of purchasing it, we will sell your home at zero cost up and to the point you recover the price it was purchased.

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Finding the right home can be a stressful process. It is important to have the support of an agent who will work in your best interests. At most brokerages, the more you pay for a home the more your agent earns. At Fifth Broker, our success and resulting compensation is measured by how much you save through our efforts. What is a better result for us is always a better result for you.

List Price $
Sales Price
Success Fee 0.5%
Performance Bonus *
Total Fifth Broker Fees $ 1.2%
Commission Paid to Buyer Agent $
Buyer Rebate $
* Incentive based performance bonus is calculated as 15% of the difference between listing price and selling price including seller concessions.