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When using a traditional real estate brokerage, the fees they earn to list your home can act as a significant drag on your bottom-line sales result, especially, if for any reason, the actual sales price falls short of expectation. At Fifth Broker, we help reduce that risk. The commission percentage we charge isn’t determined until we know the outcome of the sale. At most, we charge 2% if your home sells for 100% or more of the asking price. If we sell your home for anything less than its full asking price, the commission percentage we charge is adjusted to help offset any reduction in price, and can reach as low as .5% if we are unable to secure a sale greater 85% of the original asking price.

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As a seller, you pay a commission based on how well we do marketing your home.
Compare how much you keep in your pocket with Fifth Broker versus a Traditional broker:

Fifth Broker Process net of Commission*

Excess Return

Proceeds Net of traditional 6%

Enter Asking Price
Actual Selling Price
* Based on Fifth Broker commission plus 3% co-brokerage commission
Laser focused marketing

Laser focused marketing.

Because we focus not simply just on selling but getting the best possible result, we pay close attention to the factors that most influence the outcome of a sale. We are especially driven to search out the most influential marketing tools, new technologies and the most cost-effective approaches available that will capture the attention of every available potential buyer. See what the results could mean for you. Contact Fifth Broker today!

Experience the difference with a Fifth Broker agent.

With Fifth Broker, you will get a dedicated agent who will help you price your home, determine a pre-marketing strategy and take an active approach when campaigning to sell your home. Because our agents earn compensation that is weighted towards objective results, they have every incentive to protect your interests, work hard and negotiate as good a deal for you as they would want for themselves.

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List Price $
Sales Price $
Success Fee 0.5%
Performance Bonus *
Total Fifth Broker fees $ 6,016 1.1%
Traditional 3% Commission Rate $
Savings compared to 3% commission $
* Incentive based performance bonus is earned when selling price is greater than 85% of listing price net of seller concessions. The bonus is equal to 1.5% allocated proportionately between 85% and 100% of the net selling price.