What We Do

We are a recently formed residential real estate brokerage based in Charlotte, NC called Fifth Broker.

When forming our company, we set out to establish a brokerage service with improved representation.

To begin, we adopted a commission plan that works to your advantage in two ways:

  • First, you pay less overall commission.
  • Second, you work with an agent who has a stronger financial incentive to obtain the best possible deal while working on your behalf.

Throughout the process, we maintain a more committed partnership with the clients we represent because we have more at stake in the nuances of a transaction than the agents we compete against at other brokerages.

When marketing your home, we take a proactive hands-on approach that focuses on both the art and science of advertising, including the assistance of skilled copywriters and social media experts.

Working with Fifth Broker affords unique advantages not found in other brokerages. We add value that can be measured in dollars, and we are ideally suited for those seeking to get the highest possible return when selling or alternatively, finding a good investment as well as a great place to live when buying.